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The much-anticipated second volume of Repertoire is nearly finished and now available for pre-order. The demand will help us gauge the print quantity.


A pre-order of Repertoire II includes a signed and numbered print of the cover artwork. Artwork and table of contents are subject to change. Shipping will start by the end of the year.


Hardcover | Approximately 150 Pages | 7.25" x 10.25"


After publishing Repertoire, many magicians asked me if I would write a second volume. I always replied no because I thought surpassing the first book, which included my best work from decades of experience, would be impossible. I felt that if I were ever to write a second volume, it must only feature strong and well-tested material.


Gladly, I never stopped working on new material, and the generosity of time allowed me to extend my repertoire with many new routines. I performed some of the tricks in this book on TV, like Anybody and Nobody, which is one of the most powerful card tricks I have ever devised. I also included Red & Black, my closing routine from my Off-Broadway show, Inner Circle. I also share two extended chapters on two of my favorite tools: the XY Deck and the card-to-box load. The XY Deck is my preferred way to strip cards. Besides being much easier to construct, this method opens the door to many new applications and features that are impossible with the original stripper deck. After you learn how to make one of these decks and practice the mechanics of the strip-out move, you will learn a few of my favorite applications possible with this devious deck. In the card-to-box chapter, I break down the details that make this card load undetectable. Once you get the hang of it, I will guide you through some of my cherished effects that you can achieve with this deceptive card load.


After reading this book, I hope some of the magic within becomes part of your repertoire.






Preface by Asi Wind


Card to Box - Learn how to load a card into a box or a wallet in a fully surrounded environment.


Ambitious Ending - A handling for the Ambitious Card routine where the card ends up in the box at the end.


Under & Inside - This is a routine where a signed card ends up under the box and, in the second phase, inside the box.


Last Second - A chosen card is in full view in the magician’s hands and instantly travels to the box while the magician is nowhere near it.


Think Twice - Two named cards appear inside the box.


It All Adds Up - A spectator chooses a random number. He then opens the box and finds a few cards that add up to the selected number.


C2B Prediction - A spectator randomly selects four cards and places them in the box. Another spectator signs a random card and then loses it in the deck. After removing the cards from the box, each card predicts something about the selection. Surprisingly, the final card of the prediction is the signed card itself.


All In - A thought-of card appears in the box.


Card to Wallet - A thorough explanation of how to load a card into a card-to-wallet, fully surrounded & angle-proof.


Stage Handling - Learn how to load a card into the box while the spectator holds it on stage.


The XY Deck - A diabolical new way to strip cards. This type of stripper deck takes only a few minutes to make and has many more features and applications that are not possible with the original stripper deck.


Reds and Blacks - An impossible Out of this World plot from a thoroughly shuffled deck. The closing effect in Asi’s Off-Broadway show, Inner Circle.


Shuffle-Bored - The XY Deck allows you to perform the iconic “Shuffle-Bored” plot in the cleanest possible manner.


Anybody and Nobody - A new treatment to the classic “Unshuffled” effect without faros. The final climax of this routine enables you to reveal a thought-of name on the edge of the cards.


Other Applications - This diabolical tool could be applied to so many tricks. In this chapter, Asi discusses the endless possibilities.


Fan Force - Asi’s favorite force, which he has perfected since childhood. This is the closest you can get to a “think-a-card,” which allows you to turn many “pick a card” tricks into miracles.


Noah - In the first two phases of this routine, two randomly selected cards coincidentally happen to be mates (the same value and color). In the third phase, three randomly chosen cards are turned face up in the deck and then mixed; by chance, they land right next to their mates. In the last phase—after the cards have been shuffled many times throughout the routine—every card in the deck ends up next to its mate.


Gang of Four - Asi’s take on one of Dani DaOrtiz’s mighty tricks, “Twin Souls.” This new handling allows you to perform the trick without a setup.


Phoning It In - A spectator chooses any card in the fairest manner while the magician is looking away and positioned far from the deck. Despite the impossible conditions, the magician left a prediction in full view next to the spectator. This is a diabolical effect that would fry laypeople and magicians alike.


Ex Nihilo - A spectator is handed an imaginary deck of cards from which he chooses a random card. That card mysteriously appears tucked under his wristwatch.


The Verdict - This is Asi’s treatment of Cody Fisher’s “Killer Prediction.” The magician throws a paper ball into the audience. Each person who catches the ball helps to create a random card, which appears reversed in a deck of cards. In the final kicker, the paper ball is unfolded to reveal the chosen card.


Wild Name - A different approach to Tommy Wonder’s highly visual “The Tamed Card.” With this version, a spectator’s name gets duplicated onto many blank cards, which you can gift him after the effect.


Double-Digit Force - A utilitarian method to force any two-digit number. This devious ploy has many applications and features.


3D Telepathy - Three spectators each write down some information on a slip of paper. The magician then proceeds to reveal the information written.


Center Burn - A Center Tear without any tears.


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