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This book tells the story of two magicians, Asi Wind, from Israel, and John Graham, from the U.S., who met in New York City in 2001 while performing in a magic show together. From that day on, they’ve been the best of friends.


In Magic Between Friends they celebrate, reflect upon, and explore their friendship. In the process, they show us how to improve our magic through collaboration with our magician friends.


You will learn “Final Sale,” a powerful opening effect for any size audience that immediately gets to the magic. “Final Sale Extended” takes this workhorse to the next level. “Sweet 16” is a multi-climax memory stunt that ends with a sensational Triumph effect. “Anybody & Nobody” is a killer routine you may have seen Asi perform on national television where a spectator’s thought-of name appears on the edge of the deck.


The real highlight of this unique magic book lies in the engaging conversation between Asi and John, discussing how these effects and their refinements came to life. And how friendships and kindness in the magic community helped them grow into the magicians they’ve become today.


Magic Between Friends is a fusion of powerful magic, conversations, and philosophy about how we can become better magicians and help others to do the same through the magic of friendship.


Second Printing | Softcover | 76 pages | 5.5" x 8.5"


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